What's new help

Welcome to the new Unauthorized Help Center!

We are in the process of adding on-site resources for viewers and subscribers to get problems solved faster.

Besides FAQs and solutions to common problems, we will be adding an integrated support request feature which should make it much easier for people to get in touch with us.

While the admin support email remains available, it is not possible for us to reply to everyone that contacts us with questions or looking for help.

This isn't because we don't have people watching or because we don't have time to help everyone — it's because most of the biggest email providers out there completely block the mail servers of both Infogalactic and Unauthorized.

We can receive your emails, but you can't receive our replies; they aren't even allowed to make it as far as your junk or spam folders.

To name a few of those that have been cutting us off entirely for over 2 years: Hotmail, Outlook, SBC Global, and occasionally Gmail.

The new integrated support feature should make this interference a thing of the past, as you will be able to have conversations with the admins directly on the site.