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What is included in each subscription?

Any subscription will currently allow you to watch all content on Unauthorized.TV.

The primary difference between the subscriptions is who receives your support.

Site subscriptions

  • Basic subscription

  • Premium/Annual subscription

Site subscriptions support the continued existence of this platform.

The development and maintenance of Unauthorized.TV is 100% paid for by the revenue from site subscribers, meaning we are absolutely independent of any advertising, investment, or shareholder influence.

Creator subscriptions

  • Feed the Bear subscription (supports Owen Benjamin)

  • RazörForce subscription (supports RazörFist)

  • Stefan Molyneux subscription

  • The Legend subscription (supports Chuck Dixon)

  • Logos & Tolkien subscription (supports Rachel Fulton Brown)

  • Wranglerstar subscription

  • Pinkerton's Ghosts subscription

Creator subscriptions support the relevant creator; the precise cut each creator receives depends on their individual agreements with us.

Castalia Classics subscription

The Castalia Classics subscription supports the development of our upcoming internet radio/podcast feature, the first channel of which will be a curated classical radio station.